Only in China! 9 Technologies That Will Shock You

Hi everyone you probably know that China is not only the most populated country. In the world but also a country with a. Very developed economy even though China Is often associated with cheap goods and Knockoff products the celestial empire is also a country with the most advanced technologies it is regularly mentioned in the topmost innovative States in the world and many crazy Inventions can be found only there and nowhere else don’t believe us then sit back and get ready to see the mind-blowing technologies of China.

1. Eco-friendly transport

Today eco transport is gaining popularity around the world in particular in Europe In the Scandinavian countries but China Is the place where eco-friendly transport has gained momentum by the way not so long ago China was one of  the most polluted countries in the world.

Mainly due to the act of mining and processing of coal however the pressurefrom the international organizations and health issues of the population promptedthe Chinese government to invest heavily in the development of alternative energy sources throughout the country China builds incredible solar farms where electricity is generated in a truly the environmentally friendly way today.

The production of electric buses in China is a booming business according to an American analytical company bloom berg every five weeks, brand-new electric buses are made in the Chinese factories for comparison this is  the entire fleet of buses operating in London one of the largest cities in Europe there are about million buses in the whole world. Most of them use diesel or gas fuel and only about, of them are electric and % of them are manufactured in China some of the Chinese buses are even unmanned by the way in China even ordinary students can make eco transport so we can certainly say that in terms of sustainability China has great potential.

2. Vertical farms 

in many Asian regions for example in the autonomous Chinese the territory of Hong Kong the problem of overpopulation is very pressing real estate is really expensive and there is simply no way to accommodate everyone who wants to find spacious housing it’s even more challenging when it comes to larger spaces like factories or farms you have to admit in cities where the problem of insufficient space is solved by the construction of huge skyscrapers.

It is difficult to save some space for huge farms with fresh herbs and vegetables fortunately talented Hongkong designers have found a way out of this situation they thought what if we make the vertical farms just like skyscrapers and they did it the area you see on the screen is less than, square meters but any farmer will envy its productivity about tons of vegetables are produced here each year.
There are tiers of crops on the farm And special lining allows vegetables tori pen in the most comfortable conditions Another benefit of this production Method is sustainability in traditional Agricultural business You often have to cut down trees and use Pesticides harmful to the ecosystem but In the case of vertical farms, you don’t have to do that.

3. Robotic hotel 

It seemed that the Chinese finally came up with a hotel for introverts are you scared of? spending half an hour talking with the receptionist at check-in I’m confused want to maintain anonymity then this is the right hotel for you.

 Last year at the world’s first fully robotic hotel with nearly rooms opened in Hangzhou China in order to enter the room you paid for you do not need a passport or keys the face recognition system will do everything for you but that’s not all if you want to turn on the TV turn off the light or close the curtains you only need to say a voice command and the smart system will fulfill any of your wishes another benefit is that in the future such technologies can significantly reduce the cost of living in hotels as hotel owners would not need to pay money to the staff even the room service in such hotels is automated you just give an order and the voice assistant passes it to other delivery robots.

4. Medical robots in kindergartens 

Being a parent of a the preschooler is not an easy job. young children are curious and they’re always up to some mischief so the the constant presence of a physician in kindergartens and schools is a must in China they have already found a high-tech solution to this issue of course it is not yet able to completely replace real doctors but it will certainly, make life easier for them for parents and children the innovation is a the small robotic station that runs a three second daily check of the child’s health.

When he arrives at the kindergarten this robot doctor also uses facial recognition technology checks the condition of the eyes mouth and hands and even measures body temperature this is especially important for fighting various epidemics among children and preventing diseases as the symptoms cannot always be spotted with the naked  eye as of now such robots are operating in more than kindergartens throughout China.

5. Smart Rubbish Bins

While the vast majority of countries around the world have not evenintroduced the separation of household wastes yet. China is already one step ahead in Beijing, they began to install waste bins for separate waste management based on face recognition technologies.

   The lid of the container opens only if you are registered in the system and it recognized you what is the purpose of this technology well as intended by heathers of the invention garbage should be thrown away only in special packages with a special code tied to the messenger of a specific user if it turns out that a person threw his waste into the wrong container specialist will contact him to provide explanations on the proper use of smart containers.

Unfortunately not all Chinese follow the instructions, for example, they do not use special packages but volunteers from eco organizations believe that this is only matter of time and the situation is getting better every year.

6. Robotic Restaurants 

 In China robots are already used in the restaurant businessfolk course, they have not yet learned how to cook better than people but they can work as waiters during the busiest hours and hide a low restaurant in Beijing people sometimes have to help the robots but all the work of delivering dishes from the kitchen to the tables is carried out by smart machines.

The Chinese restaurant chain developed this innovation together with the Japanese corporation Panasonic robots not only accept and deliver orders but even put simple dishes on a plate visitors can cook soup to their taste using traditional brassieres mounted on the table in the ingredients delivered by the robot by the way if you get in the way of a robot hurrying to deliver in order will say to you please let me pass you can take a picture with me. After my shift ends the initial investment in the restaurant was  Million US dollars Hi-de-ho plans to open robotic restaurants not only in China but also abroad.

7. Automated Parking 

Parking especially in a big city is always a problem any resident of a large metropolis will agree with this today smart technologies can help you with that in the Chinese city of Chongqing you can find fully automated parking. Lots the driver only needs to access the system using the card leave his car on a special platform which then parks the car in the most ergonomic way thanks to this invention the number of parking spaces has increased by almost percent compared to the typical parking. The reason is simple a smart system arranges cars more ergonomically than a person and it does not have to keep distances between cars to open the doors. Moreover, the cars are parked at a degree angle which saves additional space.

8. Robotic Surgeons

 have you ever thought how hard it is to be a surgeon. They sometimes have to stand in the operating room for hours straight without food and water after exhausting night shifts ignoring any life circumstances and difficulties this invention created by the Chinese Sting.  Hua University can revolutionize this field of medicine so far these robots have not operated on real people but their potential is mind-blowing a few months ago Chinese doctors successfully performed a test operation on a bone.

 Model using one of them the experiment was carried out in a hospital and Tong Hong City and the robot was controlled by specialists remotely from Beijing the robot managed to fix the broken bone in minute’s similar experiments were also carried out during remote surgery on the liver of an animal it’s unlikely robots will learn how to perform complex operations on the heart or brain in the near few.

However experts from China University claimed that with the help of machine learning technologies these smart robots will be able to analyze the behavior surgeons based on this information machines will be able to help them inside the operating room as well as do some work for them.

9. Rooms For Relaxation

Who would say no to a half-hour soleplate lunch at work probably no one and businessmen from large cities outdegree with that their job includes constant meetings with clients call in the middle of the night endless business trips how can one not lose his mind thinking about how to make life easier for business people who spend most of the day in a huge city Hong Kong startups came up with an unusual invention this is especially relevant for Hong Kong as it is believed to be the world’s worst city in terms of light pollution this means that the night sky in Hong Kong is a thousand times brighter compared to international standards due to the huge amount of street lighting signage and spotlights they came up with rooms for sleeping located in the heart of thirty


You can rent this space for a very short time nobody will bother you here and the staff will turn on relaxing music and offer you aromatic coffee after you wakeup company’s CEO David Lau says the idea of creating sleeping rooms came to him unexpectedly once he read in the media that a Hong Kong resident working day is longer than anywhere else then he realized that with such a schedule it is vital for people to have a space to relax.

Well this is it for today and see you soon

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