How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

If you delete you Facebook messages so don’t worry about this In this Tutorial we will discuss How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages a simple and easy method. So read full blog and if you face any problem comment below i will try to solve your problem. Now let’s start Follow these steps.

Step 1 : Access Facebook Account

open Facebook and access to you account and then follow steps show in picture.

Step 2 :

Click Setting On The Upper Right Corner of the Page, Click The Setting Icon

Step 3: Click Setting 

Step three is click on setting icon and then you see a drop down menu as show in picture.

Step 4:

In this step Add And Chose Your Primary Mail as show in below picture.

Step 5 :

Click “Download copy” of your Facebook data at the page.

Step 6 :

Now you download you all information of faceebook so Click on Start My Archive.

Step 7:

 Check your Primary Mail To got The Mail By FaceBook Subject is YOUR DOWNLOAD YOUR DATA IS READY

Step 8:

Now to Gmail app in android phone or open Gmail in any browser.  Open This Mail And Click Link of given Last in Mail Data.

Step 9:

Now Download Your Facebook information in archive. Click Download Archive

Step 10:

Now wait for some time until your information download completed.

Step 11:

  •  Open Downloaded Archive
  • When you’re ready to download your Facebook archive, repeat steps 1 through 3. But instead of clicking “Start My Archive,” enter the password and click “Download Archive.”
  • When the download is completed, extract it and open the file named “Index” (HTML Document)

Step 12:

  • Recover your deleted messages.
  • Then click on “Messages” and wait for the messages to load. If you want to search your messages by keyword, press Control F OR F3. And this is how you recover your deleted Facebook messages

That’s it it is a simple process to recover your deleted messages. I hope you enjoy this article if like this then share with your friends and also subscribe my YouTube Channel.

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