How to Hack Instagram Facebook Accounts

In this technology era everyone wants to learn hacking and first thing to learn “How to Hack Instagram” and also “How to Hack Facebook”. These two topics are most famous in the world of hacking. So in this Tutorial i will discuss with you an important topic “How to Hack Instagram ID” so follow these steps to hack someone Instagram, Facebook and other Social Media Accounts.

Warning Note

This Tutorial only for Educational purpose I am not encouraging anyone to use it for anything wrong. Please learn this for educational purpose. otherwise i will not responsible for anything.

Follow These Steps one by one

Register Free Website

First of all you will create a free website for host phishing links. if you don’t have any free website then visit 000webhost to create a free website. Open this website from given link then create your account put your real email and set a password and also signup with any google account or Facebook account. Shown in blow image.

Signup in 000webhost

Setup your website

After creating you account now setup your website by clicking on Create new Site and write your website name but this is optional and then set a strong and rememberable password of your website. Show in blow image.

Create new website
Click on Create new site

Download GrayFish

Now the second step after creating a website is to download GrayFish Phishing toll that is used to hack Instagram, Facebook and other accounts. Download this Tool From Github website. Go to GrayFish download page click on code button and then select Download Zip. Show in blow image.

Download GrayFhish Tool in Zip file
Click on Download Zip

Upload File On Website

Next step after downloading grayfish file now upload this on you website root directory. First of all unzip grayfish file and then go to your website File manager. then click Public_html folder and upload all files in it

open file manager
Click on File manager

After open the file manager then click on Upload File option at the right top corner of your screen point out with black circle.

Upload you file
Click on upload icon

click on upload icon and then select grayfish files from where you save these files select all one by one for better uploading if you select all at a time you will face some errors.

Upload all files
Select one by one all files and folder

Visit your website

now just navigate to your website and you’ll see GrayFish landing page. Then login in grayfish by put user name and password given below.

Username: fish

Password: fish

GrayFish admin panel
Login by username and password

Now The last step is chose any phishing link Instagram, Facebook, Github, Netflix, Tumblr Other Accounts and sent it to your victim by performing Social Engineering when your victim login through this link you will get his login details loke username/email and password. If you see this go to file manager and enter in public_html folder an d then ho to victim username and passwords file and open it here you will see all username/email and passwords or your victims.

Choose any phishing link

Important Note

One important thing is that when you will create your website then after one month you should upload your files on your website because if you upload files immediately may be 000webhost team will be blocked your website. So you should wait for one month.

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